Reduced environmental impact by up to 91%!

A study, carried out by The University of Manchester, assessed the potential cradle-to-grave environmental benefits of refurbishing elevator drives as a circular economy strategy, contrasting with the conventional practice of replacing with a new drive unit. The study shows that refurbished drives have the potential to reduce the total amount of waste produced by 91-92%.

Unique Test, Diagnose, Refurbish, Test process

AT NDC we follow stringent standards and ISO procedures for all processes in the refurbishment of a drive. We use state-of-the-art test simulators, which help us to correctly diagnose any faults in a drive. Once faults have been repaired, we test the drive again, making sure that it really works as it should. Few other

NDC Elevator Drives opens North American Headquarters in Dallas

With a new office in Dallas, NDC will provide local delivery, technical assistance, stock items, and top-tier service for the refurbishing and replacement of elevator drives in the Americas. “NDC Elevators is delighted to announce the opening of our offices in the United States”, said David Griffin, Managing Director. “We are committed to building a

NDC to cooperate with The University of Manchester

At NDC, we have always felt that refurbishing a drive is a sustainable and environmentally sound approach, but we have never had any data to support our “hunch”. We are very much looking forward to starting a joint project with the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The

COVID-19 Service Update

We understand that during these next few weeks and months that the service our customers are able to deliver will be tested to its limits. That’s why NDC has set out the following measures to ensure its full availability to you: NDC’s service centres will be manned 24 h/day in order to maintain our production

Competitive Pressure: Don’t gamble with repair quality

It is widely acknowledged in the Lift Industry that competitive pressures are squeezing the margins service companies are able to achieve – especially on fully comprehensive contracts. The failure of a large part, such as a drive, manifests these cost pressures, and presents Service Managers with a critical decision when engaging a repair company. At

Increased Drive Stock Available for Immediate Service Exchange

NDC’s R&D team are constantly seeking to drive continuous improvement and innovation in our business and to expand the range of supported drives available to our customers. The latest tranche of drives to be made available to our Service Exchange Scheme during 2018 follows a further lengthy cycle of investment into research and development by

Thank you for working with us in 2018

Just a note from us all at NDC to say thank you to all our customers for working with us in 2018. We look forwards to working together in the New Year and would like to wish our customers: past, present and future, a very successful, happy and healthy 2019. Look out for the new

The Control Techniques Unidrive SP series declared obsolete!

Worry not, NDC continue to support the series. With our alternative solution you can avoid the downtime, complexity, cost and lead time of the retrofit. You can simply install a fully warrantied ‘like-for-like’ refurbished and tested drive. The Unidrive SP from manufacturer Nidec Control Techniques was a universal AC drive produced in several frame sizes

Rubik’s Cube Solves Itself!

We all remember trying to solve this when we were children. Probably just about managing to complete 2 sides? If only we’d had access to a servo motor to help us… See how this is possible on All3DP.

Architectural discovery in Madrid

Renovation project at Gran Vía Metro station in Madrid unearths original 99 year old lift shaft. Read more on El País.

Intelligent Motors

Servo motors are expected to exceed 12 billion dollars worldwide in the next few years and are becoming an everyday occurrence in automated processes. Much is written about their features and capabilities but not so much about their maintenance and repair. So should they be repaired just like any other electric motor? Why are Servo