The Control Techniques Unidrive SP series declared obsolete!

Worry not, NDC continue to support the series. With our alternative solution you can avoid the downtime, complexity, cost and lead time of the retrofit. You can simply install a fully warrantied ‘like-for-like’ refurbished and tested drive.

Control Techniques drives

The Unidrive SP from manufacturer Nidec Control Techniques was a universal AC drive produced in several frame sizes and in three formats: Panel Mount, Free Standing and Modular. It supplied an output power range of 0.37 kW to 1.9 MW over 200,400,575 and 690 V respectively.

In the Lift Industry, the Unidrive SP was one of the most common VVVF units installed by third party controller manufacturers. Often badged as Control Techniques, Emerson or Leroy Somer, the drive saw service in TKE, Orona, Osma, Lifteknic, TVC, and Bucher geared, gearless and hydraulic applications.

With such a diverse range of drives installed, we anticipate that obsolescence will cause some maintenance issues for Lift Companies. The retrofit for example may generate mechanical, electrical and programming difficulties (in terms of physical dimensions, weight, surface mount footprint, the power and control wiring, and the transfer of parameters).

Lift Companies are however assured that NDC plan to support the Unidrive SP series long into obsolescence.

Our focus will be the core Lift Modules (both traction and hydraulic) and to provide continued support for a range of Normal Duty, Typical Motor Outputs of 11 – 90 kW.

If you have these units under contract and you are concerned about support (or you are considering a tender), then please contact us to discuss our service exchange and repair options.

Frame sizes and modules

  • Frame size 2: Modules 2402, 2403
  • Frame size 3: Modules 3401, 3402, 3403
  • Frame size 4: Modules 4401, 4402, 4403
  • Frame size 5: Modules 5401, 5402