Sustainable, reliable refurbished elevator drives

Sustainable, reliable, refurbished elevator drives worldwide

NDC Elevator Drives has been supplying and maintaining refurbished elevator drives worldwide for over 15 years. Recent research by The University of Manchester has proven that our refurbished drives can reduce the environmental impact of elevator installations by up to 91%.

But greater sustainability is not the only advantage offered by our refurbished elevator drives. We are also proven to deliver lower costs, higher margins, better lead times and excellent technical support.

Watch our short film to learn more about our refurbishment process and the benefits it provides.

Our circular “test, diagnose, refurbish, test” developed by NDC's own R&D staff ensures that our refurbished drives are just as reliable as new drives.

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Download The University of Manchester research paper

Scientific research conducted by Dr Laurence Stamford and his team from The University of Manchester explains how our refurbished drives reduce the environmental impact of elevator installations by up to 91%.

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To achieve a more circular, decarbonised economy we must rely on analysis and scientific facts.

In this research project we have been delighted to partner with NDC who recognise, like us, that valuable insight comes from assessing the whole life cycle of a product and analysing all operations in depth.

Working together, the progress we have made is enabling us to set an example for the future in how to reduce environmental impact.