Increased Drive Stock Available for Immediate Service Exchange

NDC’s R&D team are constantly seeking to drive continuous improvement and innovation in our business and to expand the range of supported drives available to our customers.

The latest tranche of drives to be made available to our Service Exchange Scheme during 2018 follows a further lengthy cycle of investment into research and development by the company.

All of our Service Exchange Drives are fully refurbished, functionally tested and ‘good to go’ on a 24 hour turnaround.

The drives ship with Warranties from 2 to 25 years depending on the model and variant.

Lift Companies are increasingly favouring this type of support in order to eliminate the diagnostic process associated with repair, mitigate downtime at site and to simplify re-commissioning. Given this trend, we are working hard to stock all of the key lift drives and OEMs on the UK’s installed-base – including many obsolete models.

Should you require the site parameters transferring to the outgoing exchange unit, NDC will undertake this service without charge. Please request this from your local NDC Service Manager.