Schindler Variodyn VF33BR

The Schindler Variodyn inverter range has been custom designed for controlling a permanent magnet motor at low speeds. NDC Elevator Drives provide repair for both the full Variodyn drive range, and the associated MRL motors, giving you a single point of contact for elevator drive and elevator MRL motor repair.

Used in many of Schindler Elevator’s flagship MRL projects the Schindler Variodyn drive can be mounted inside the shaft with the MRL motor, this eliminates the need for a separate machine room to provide drive and control functions for the elevator system.

In a gearless MRL system the motor must be tightly controlled when operating at low speeds to avoid any passenger discomfort and as a result the Schindler Variodyn VF33BR relies upon a number of high speed communication protocols to move the information around the system quickly, not only monitoring the drive performance, but also the real time status and position of the MRL motor.

Utilising the latest generation of Miconic processor the Variodyn MRL drive system is one of the most complex elevator drive systems to test, and has required NDC Elevator Drives to undertake many years of research and development to complete a suite of simulators capable of running the drive system under simulated real word operating conditions.

This focus on reliability, quality and service ensures NDC Elevator Drives as a global leader in the supply and repair of elevator drive units and MRL motors.

The Schindler Variodyn VF33BR is the 31amp variation of the Variodyn range of drives which are available in a variety of capacities from 8amp through to 42amp for use in differing applications.

The part numbers associated with the Schindler Variodyn VF33BR include:

  • Schindler ID 59400570 (VF22BR, 16A)
  • Schindler ID 59400580 (VF33BR, 31A)
  • Schindler ID 59410933 (DRVAB33, 31A)
  • Schindler ID 59400790 (VF44BR Regen)

With Schindler VF33BR elevator drives in stock NDC can provide a same day dispatch for requirements all over the world. To purchase drives, arrange repair or request Variodyn drive service exchange call NDC direct or your local NDC Elevator Drives distributor now.

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