A first generation VVVF drive designed by OTIS , the OTIS Spec 60 VFCU was manufactured under licence by Meiden of Japan, and the Spec 60 Drive can be easily recognised from the black or beige coloured metal casing.

NDC Elevator Drives supply the OTIS spec 60 worldwide and have comprehensive diagnostic, repair and run test capabilities which guarantee our high standard of quality and reliability is maintain at all times.

The OTIS Spec 60 has long been classified by OTIS as obsolete and as a result no replacement is available directly from OTIS elevators, NDC Elevator Drives have the capability to completely overhaul and refurbish the OTIS SPEC 60 Drive and provide a 2 year warranty on all repairs.

One of the earliest microprocessor based VVVF controllers the OTIS Spec 60 was manufactured specifically for the elevator market, this drive is most often configured as a closed loop controller utilising low resolution speed sensors to monitor the speed of the elevator.

Available in 10 different models from 30Amps to 350Amps at 220, 380 or 440VAC. the OTIS Spec 60 Drive has complex set up and commissioning procedures which do not use a test tool or programming interface as now used for modern OTIS elevator drives.

Instead, the OTIS Spec 60 must be commissioned using a complex arrangement of potentiometers, DIP switches and jumpers to set the drive circuit for the site characteristics. At NDC Elevator Drives we have been providing repair and exchange for OTIS Spec 60 drives for 10 years, ensuring we have the knowledge, experience and capability to repair even the most severe faults.

The most common part number by which the OTIS Spec 60 VCFU known is 10260W9, however should you have any problem identifying your elevator drive do not hesitate to call one of our team in the UK or our network of international distributors now for technical support.

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Spec 60 VFCU

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