Otis OVF20 CR

The OTIS OVF20CR is a totally redesigned version of the popular OVF20 VVVF running with the LCBII processor as part of the MCS220Controller package. NDC support all variations of the OTIS OVF Drive.

This particular Otis elevator drive is designed to replace the original OTIS OVF20 drive with improved features and functions, using a modern, more efficient design minimising power consumption and running costs, as such the CR suffix of the OTIS OVFCR drive denotes ‘cost reduced’.

There are several part numbers by which the OTS OVFCR is known, these are:

  • GAA21344C20 – 9Kw Otis OVFCR Elevator drive
  • GAA21344B20 – 5Kw Otis OVFCR Elevator drive
  • GAA21344A20 – 3Kw Otis OVFCR Elevator drive

NDC Elevator Drives offer a full range of repair and service exchange options for the OTIS OVFrange. To learn more, order an OTIS drive or for technical support call one of our team in the UK now, or for enquiries outside the UK contact your local distributor.

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