Otis OVF1

NDC Elevator Drives provide a world leading repair and service exchange programme for all OTIS elevator drive systems.

With distributors worldwide NDC Elevator Drives can support your elevator repairs using sophisticated diagnostic and repair techniques, and run testing to ensure maximum reliability and rapid turnaround for all OTIS OVF1 repairs.

The Otis OVF1 elevator drive, also known as the Otis OVF30 elevator drive was originally created in the early 1990’s, this custom designed elevator drive, also referred to as the OTIS DBSS when used as part of an OTIS Elevator system, can also be known as the OTIS OVF1, or OTIS OVF30 depending on the design revision.

The OVF1 elevator drive system integrates a highly optimised closed loop flux vector controller with safety circuit monitoring used to run gearless elevator motors. When combined with the OTIS MCS321 controller the drive system can operate elevators with payloads of up to 2500kg at speeds of up to 2.5m/s.

The Otis DBSS was produced by the OTIS elevator company in three capacities depending on the application of the drive, these OTIS Elevator drive models and the related OTIS Part numbers are as follows:

  • AAA21290BA1
  • AAA21290BA2
  • AAA21290BA3
  • AAA21290BA4
  • AAA21290BJ1
  • AAA21290BJ2
  • AAA21290BM1
  • AAA21290BM2
  • ABA21290AK1
  • ABA21290AK2
  • ABA21290BA4
  • ABA21290BJ1
  • ABA21290BJ2
  • ABA21290BM1
  • ABA21290BM2
  • ACA21290AK1
  • ACA21290AK2
  • ACA21290BA4
  • ACA21290BJ1
  • ACA21290BJ2
  • ACA21290BM1
  • ACA21290BM2
  • ACA21290Y3
  • ADA21290AK1
  • ADA21290AK2
  • GAA21151-YE1

NDC Elevator Drives can provide the highest quality OTIS OVF repair as well as repair for all models of OTIS Elevator Drives. For elevator drive repair support outside the UK contact our network of distributors now.

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