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Order a refurbished Kone V3F16L drive, or book your V3F16L drive in for repair now with NDC Elevator Drives, worldwide. The Kone V3F16L is often combined with the Ecodisc™ motor to provide a compact and highly efficient operating system completely contained within the elevator shaft known as the Monospace® system. We can provide a same-day exchange both locally and through our distributors for this popular Kone drive.

This integrated plug and play Kone V3F16L elevator drive system eliminates the need for a plant room, not only saving space, but also reducing energy consumption.

With a number of improvements over the Kone V3F16ES the Kone V3F16L has additional cooling fins and a more robust design allowing many years of operation.

No longer made by Kone Elevators many others will tell you the V3F16L is an obsolete drive, not so, NDC Elevator Drives can give your obsolete Kone V3f16L a new lease of life.

As a result of the complex systems aboard the Kone V3F16L it can be difficult to repair correctly, this is why NDC Elevator Drives have developed a number of test and repair techniques for the Kone V3F16L, and have now repaired more V3F16L elevator drive units globally than any other independent repair specialist.

The V3F16L elevator drive has a number of variations for different power supply ratings, regions and specifications, and can be identified using the following part numbers:

KM769900G01, KM769900G05 ,KM769900G13 , KM769900G14, KM769900G15, Ecospace, CSA 769900G01, 769900G05 , 769900G13, 769900G14 , 769900G15

Full technical support for all our elevator drives is available both directly from the UK, and through our global network of partners.

Should you have any queries regarding the make and model of your elevator drive, or would like to book your drive in for repair, contact one of the team now on 0800 137 104.

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    V3F16L G01 V1.7
    V3F16L G05 V2.3
    V3F16L G13
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V3F16L G01 V1.7, V3F16L G05 V2.3, V3F16L G13

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