Kone V3F16 S

The Kone V3F16S holds the accolade of being the first purpose built MRL elevator drive, and the first generation for the now infamous Kone V3F Drive range. NDC Elevator Drives offer a 25 Year Warranty for a number of the V3F drive range, underlining our capability and commitment to quality.

The original V3F drive was designed to work with Kone’s earlier TMS (Traffic Master System) Controllers running the 1st gen of Ecodisc™ MRL motors to prove the concept and popularity of such a revolutionary idea.

NDC Elevator Drives can provide V3F16S repair for both the V3F range and the Ecodisc ™ MRL motors giving you a complete solution for elevator repair services with worldwide support.

Many of the features into the more modern Kone V3F and KDL drives are present in the V3F16S , including the ability to create and save a digital shaft map to the drives on board NVRAM , however memory modules using battery backup can often cause failures with Kone V3F drives reaching the end of their 20 year service life.

Commissioning and programming of the V3F16S drive is very different from that of the modern LCE based elevator drive systems, and requires specialist Kone software.

At NDC Elevator Drives we have the capability to extract and save these parameters meaning you avoid the lengthy set up procedure on installation and have no need for the Kone software.

Even if you have lost the parameters from your V3F16S drive on failure NDC Elevator Drives have the ability to upload a suitable set upon request, before returning the drive fully refurbished.

The V3F16S drive variant of the Kone V3F range has long been considered obsolete however with many years of experience repairing drives from all around the world NDC Elevator Drives can ensure every repair is 100% successful, using a TMS600 controller managed test rig to guarantee the drives will work when returned to site.

If you would like to discuss your Kone V3F16S drive repair requirements call one of the team now.

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