Kone V3F16 R

Another variant of the Kone V3F16 drive range, the V3F16R drive has a higher power rating than the V3F16L and V3F16ES elevator drives, and is designed to run the PowerDisc™ GMX & MX Series of permanent magnet gearless elevator motors for the Kone Maxispace™ lift system. NDC Elevator Drives can provide repair, or the service exchange option for this drive.

The V3F16R drive can handle the additional power requirements of the larger GMX, MX and Powerdisc® hoisting motors and is used for high rise buildings over 20 floors in height.

The Kone V3F16R and PowerDisc® hoisting motor are often used in retrofits of older high rise buildings replacing traditional traction lifts which use counterweights. As the V3F16R drive and Powerdisc® motor combination requires no counterweight, the size of the elevator passenger cabin can be dramatically increased.

The lack of counterweight also means that the Kone Maxispace® system has a much smaller shaft space requirement, and can be installed in buildings which have previously had no elevator system, allowing operation within an elevator shaft 1/3 smaller than traditional traction systems.

The V3F16R drive variants are also identified using the following part numbers:

Should you wish to discuss your Kone V3F16R repair requirements, or arrange service exchange with NDC Elevator Drives contact one of the team now on 0800 137 104.

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