Kone V3F16 ES

The Kone V3F16ES was introduced in 1996 as the first purpose designed variable voltage variable frequency (V.V.V.F) for a Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevator system, but has since been superseded by the Kone V3F16L, however NDC Elevator Drives can give a new lease of life to your V3F16ES elevator drive, providing a full repair service.

The benefits for building designers and users of the Monospace® system supported by the V3F16ES drives are tremendous, having no machine room not only saves space but can reduce electricity consumption by up to 70% making it an attractive solution for low to mid rise buildings in the region of 20 floors.

This new type of lift, called the Kone MonoSpace® was the first practical and affordable MRL on the market, and is now becoming the elevator system of choice worldwide.

The development of the V3F16 elevator drive range was necessary for the control of a new, highly efficient sensor-less permanent magnet motor, the Ecodisc® .

The V3F16ES elevator drive is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for mounting in a small cabinet on the landing. The Ecodisc hoisting motor is now also supported by the Kone V3F16L, and V3F16R drives, all of which can be repaired by NDC Elevator Drives.

There are a number of variants of the Kone V3F16ES, and can be identified using the following part numbers.


Should you wish to discuss your V3F16ES repair requirements, or the alternatives offered by NDC Elevator Drives call contact one of the team now on 0800 137 104.

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V3F16ES V2.95

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