Kone Ecodisc Hoist Motor

The Ecodisc hoist motor is a gearless permanent magnet motor designed to work in tandem with the V3F16L, V3F16ES, and KDL16L elevator drives to provide a machine room-less (MRL) elevator system.

The Ecodisc motors are quiet and highly efficient offering a 60 – 70% reduction in energy usage when compared to a traditional machine room driven elevator, with environmental concerns and energy consumption targets becoming ever more important the Ecodisc and KONE V3F Drives, are becoming a common feature of many new developments worldwide.

The technology used in the Kone Ecodisc is very advanced and entirely focussed on being a lightweight and efficient hoisting motor, as a result the Ecodisc has no inbuilt commutation feedback capability and therefore relies entirely on the elevator drives systems such as the V3F16L, V3F16ES, and KDL16L, to calculate the required torque and rpm for the elevator ascent and descent. .

As a result of the requirement for the torque calculations to be carried out and transmitted to the Ecodisc by the elevator drive it is impossible to fully function test an Ecodisc motor without a full cycle simulator. NDC Elevator Drives have developed a bespoke testing regime using custom built test rigs to run test every Ecodisc motor we repair in order to be certain that when returned to service the motor will work flawlessly.

Should you wish to learn more about the Ecodisc repair, rewind and refurbishment services offer by NDC Elevator Drives contact one of the team today or call 0800137104 now.

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